GeneTec, LLC. Acquires Exclusive Licence for PathoGene, llc.’s NextGen Staph-MRSA+ Assay

Saint George, UT

May 8, 2013

GeneTec, LLC and PathoGene. LLC announced today they have signed a License Agreement term sheet under which GeneTec will acquire exclusive rights for unit dose platform applications of PathoGene’s “Next Generation” multiplexed StaphylococcusMRSA+ assay on GeneTec’s Real Time PCR GeneSTAT®platform. Specific financial terms of the License Agreement are not disclosed.

PathoGene’s next generation Staphylococcus assay is clearly differentiated from current commercially available MRSA assays. “The inclusion of multi-drug resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus strains, which are much more common infections than MRSA, allows the assay to identify and differentiate three of the most common pathogens of hospital acquired infections, surgical site infections, medical device infections and skin and soft tissue infections in a single multiplexed assay representing a combined market opportunity in the US and EU of $650M per year. The assay rapidly identifies and differentiates infections caused by resistant and non-resistant types of Staph providing information to physicians in about an hour that is critical to treatment decisions that save lives,” said Todd Snowden, PathoGene President and CEO.

”PathoGene’s novel approach with this Staph assay provides rapid clinical answers that impact patient care, costs and outcomes making the assay an ideal complement to our GeneSTAT®platform,” said David Taus, GeneTec President and CEO.

GeneTec’s Real Time PCR GeneSTAT®platform for molecular diagnostic infectious disease testing is uniquely postioned to meet the on-site Staph diagnostic testing needs of Hospitals, Point of Care, Long Term Care and Urgent Care Centers. The GeneSTAT®analyzer with the Staph multiplexed test cartridge provides the performance, ease of use, speed, portability and economics required for Staph diagnostic testing to be broadly adopted in these clinical settings.

About GeneTec LLC

GeneTec LLC is a privately owned Limited Liability Company located in St. George, Utah. GeneTec develops and commercially manufactures molecular-based diagnostic assays formatted in a unique and proprietary test cartridge designed for analysis by its proprietary GeneSTAT®analyzer. The test cartridges, together with the GeneSTAT®analyzer make up GeneTec’s proprietary GeneSTAT® platform. The current assays are both DNA- and/or RNA-based “multiplexed” tests for “real time”detection of infectious disease agents in humans, and animals or of biological contaminants in the environment. With the GeneSTAT®analyzer, GeneTec combines proprietary intellectual property with industry- proven technology to make a platform that the Company believes to be unique in the industry. The GeneSTAT®offers unmatched simplicity and control in the processing of specimens. The Platform is comprised of an analyzer and a single-use test cartridge and can be run with minimal training in either laboratory or field settings accepting a number of specimen types. For additional information, please visit their website

About PathoGene LLC

PathoGene is a privately held Limited Liability Company located in Flagstaff, Arizona. PathoGene improves patient outcomes and healthcare quality while lowering healthcare costs through the development and worldwide commercialization of novel, patented, molecular diagnostic tests for infectious diseases, particularly those that are highly resistant to antibiotics, associated with hospital-acquired infections (HAI), or where effective diagnostics do not exist. For more information about PathoGene, please visit their website at www.pathogene.comp>


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