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GMD, LLC and Gulf Bio Analytical Announce International Distribution Agreement

DxNA LLC and Gulf Bio Analytical Announce International Distribution Agreement for DxNA’s GeneSTAT® System and HaFYS™ Pork DNA Detection Assay


St. George, Utah – August 7, 2017- DxNA LLC, a molecular testing and diagnostics company, today announced the signing of a distribution agreement for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries with Dubai based Gulf Bio Analytical LLC (GBA). Under the agreement, GBA will have exclusive distribution rights for the territory for the GeneSTAT® System and the Halal testing products as well as other food testing products as they become available.

The first test to be commercialized on the GeneSTAT in the Middle East is the HaFYS Pork DNA Detection Assay, a rapid molecular test for detection of porcine in food and pharmaceutical products, such as gelatin pharmaceutical capsules. The patented assay was developed at the Halal Products Research Institute (HPRI) at the University of Putra Malaysia and exclusively licensed by DxNA for implementation on the GeneSTAT System. The easy to use and portable sample -to-result GeneSTAT system will provide for the possibility of a new level of testing and surveillance, superseding any that is currently implemented in the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia has the strictest enforcement of halal quality relative to porcine with their mandate that no products containing porcine derived materials are allowed entry into the country. In addition they have one of the most aggressive product testing programs, while many other countries rely largely on manufacturers self declaration of ingredients. Testing can now be performed on site at manufacturers, restaurants, supermarkets and ports, rather than sending to a laboratory, ensuring halal quality relative to pork content by eliminating some of the most problematic logistics involved in halal certification and surveillance. The use of onsite testing eliminates the shipping of specimens to laboratories and possible contamination as well as long delays in receiving test results that can delay shipments or enforcement actions.

Gulf Bio Analytical LLC will begin commercialization over the next few months in the GCC countries using both their existing direct sales team as well as distribution partners throughout the GCC.

“We are pleased to announce our distribution partnership with DxNA LLC. This partnership provides GBA with a key halal testing portfolio to serve our clients in the food testing segment in the MENA countries” said KLM Prasad, CEO of Gulf Bio Analytical LLC.

“We are pleased to announce our distribution partnership with GBA, this strategic partnership provides DxNA with a strong Middle East partner that is well established in the analytical testing market throughout the GCC region that will spearhead Middle East marketing and sales efforts for DxNA” said David Taus, CEO of DxNA LLC.

About DxNA LLC

DxNA LLC is a molecular diagnostics company that develops and distributes portable, fully-integrated systems and tests for infectious disease in the medical, agricultural, food safety, and biosecurity markets. The Company’s systems and technologies enable rapid and precise molecular testing to take place on-site by allowing for otherwise complex laboratory procedures to be performed almost anywhere.

DxNA’s patented GeneSTAT® portable Real Time PCR molecular diagnostic testing system will allow individuals with minimal training to conduct accurate real-time diagnostic testing in virtually any location including laboratories, clinics, physician offices, emergency rooms or field settings for food safety and quality. Designed with economy in mind, GeneSTAT is inherently less costly than the real time PCR systems typical of clinical laboratories.

DxNA LLC is a privately held company located in St. George Utah.

About Gulf BA

Established in 1999 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Gulf Bio Analytical LLC (GBA) is now a recognized leader in providing comprehensive laboratory and analytical solutions to the hydrocarbon processing, food testing, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries in the Middle East, North Africa and India. From our headquarters in Dubai and all our regional offices we are able to efficiently serve the growing laboratory clientele in these regions. We represent world leading scientific and analytical equipment manufacturers and partner with them to provide total, value added and cost-effective services to our esteemed clientele across the regions we serve.

Gulf Bio Analytical LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Dubai.