GeneTec, LLC Receives Patent in China for Company’s Sample-to-Result Molecular Diagnostic Test Cartridge

St. George, Utah, May 25, 2015 – GeneTec LLC, a molecular diagnostics company focused on portable and simple testing, announced today that the China Patent Office has granted a patent for the China Patent Application relating to the companies novel Pressurizable Cartridge for Polymerase Chain Reactions that is used in conjunction with the companies GeneSTAT® Analyzer to provide molecular based testing: Anywhere, Anytime by Anyone.

This newly granted patent further enhances the Company’s patent family, which currently includes: 5 issued and 1 pending US patents, and 3 issued and 19 pending foreign patents covering key technology aspects of the GeneSTAT® System including: Rapid Thermocycler, Fluorescence Detection System, Pressurizable Cartridge, and Mixing Apparatus. The combination of these novel technologies allows GeneTec to deliver on its commitment to deliver molecular level testing Anywhere, Anytime by Anyone that provides actionable information at the point it is needed, when it is needed whether for human clinical use, agricultural or food safety purposes.

GeneTec is a privately held company located in St. George Utah. It is a molecular diagnostics company that develops and distributes portable, fully-integrated systems and tests for infectious disease in the medical, agricultural, food safety, and biosecurity markets. The Company’s systems and technologies enable rapid and precise molecular testing to take place on-site by allowing for otherwise complex laboratory procedures to be performed almost anywhere.
GeneTec’s patented GeneSTAT® portable Real Time PCR molecular diagnostic testing system will allow individuals with minimal training to conduct accurate real-time diagnostic testing in virtually any location including laboratories, clinics, physician offices, emergency rooms or field settings. Designed with economy in mind, GeneSTAT is inherently less costly than the real time PCR systems typical of clinical laboratories.