Food Authenticity and Safety Assays

Food adulteration, substitution and contamination are a large and growing problem around the world. These create issues relative to certain religious requirements as well as to labeling regulations. Recent scandals such as the horse meat scandal in the UK and reports of pork-DNA contamination in halal labeled products have brought this issue to the forefront and highlighted the need for tests to Identify these issues and ensure that products are what their labeling indicates.

GMD is developing tests for the GeneSTAT® System for use in verifying food authenticity (adulteration or contamination) as well as for food safety (pathogen detection). These assays on the GeneSTAT system provides new detection tools to the food industry, bringing high levels of accuracy to food testing in a manner that allows testing to be performed Anywhere, Anytime by Anyone. The GeneSTAT will provide for testing at the location of manufacture through to the retail location without the requirement of a laboratory environment or highly trained laboratory personnel.