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GMD, LLC announces the launch of the HaFYS Porcine DNA Detection Assay on the GeneSTAT®

GeneStat Launches GeneSTAT® and HaFYS Porcine DNA Detection Assay at the 6th Penang International Halal Expo and Conference

St. George, Utah, February 11, 2015 – GMA LLC announced today the launch of the HaFYS™ Porcine DNA Detection Assay on the GeneSTAT® portable Real Time PCR molecular diagnostic testing system at the 6th Penang International Halal Expo & Conference 2015 in Penang, Malaysia January 30-February 1. The HaFYS assay and GeneSTAT system are designed for detection of pork in products which are sold as being halal compliant.  “There was a great deal of interest at the conference from halal certification bodies as well as from product manufacturers, including both food manufacturers and suppliers to pharmaceutical and food manufacturers” stated Latif Lehan, Business Development Director at Kaysha Kencana Sdn. Bdn., the exclusive distributor for the GeneSTAT System in Southeast Asia.

The HaFYS assay, developed at the University of Putra Malaysia’s Halal Products Research Institute, was exclusively licensed by GeneStat for implementation on the GeneSTAT System.  The combination of the HaFYS assay and the GeneSTAT System represents a significant advance over current testing methodologies due to the tests ability to detect very low levels of porcine DNA, 0.001%, and the attributes of the GeneSTAT System: ease of use, rapid results, portability, durability, accuracy and low cost that allows testing to be performed Anywhere, Anytime, by Anyone.  This will allow surveillance and quality testing to be performed at the point of sampling rather than at a centralized laboratory minimizing the opportunity for sample contamination as has been reported in a number of instances.  This includes testing of incoming raw material or finished goods testing at halal manufacturers through testing at the point of sale in locations such as supermarkets or restaurants for the detection of contamination, adulteration or substitution with pork based products.  In addition, halal product manufacturers expressed a need to be able to manage the brand risk associated with outside reports of possible contamination of their products after leaving the point of manufacture by performing testing and having their own internal data.

With the launch of the HaFYS assay and GeneSTAT System in SE Asia, GeneStat will now begin commercialization through sales and distribution partners including additional food purity/quality assays in the European Union, China and the Middle East followed closely by the Unites States.

GeneStat is a privately held company located in St. George Utah. It is a molecular diagnostics company that develops and distributes portable, fully-integrated systems and tests for infectious disease in the medical, agricultural, food purity and safety, and biosecurity markets. The Company’s systems and technologies enable rapid and precise molecular testing to take place on-site by allowing for otherwise complex laboratory procedures to be performed almost anywhere.

GeneStat’s patented GeneSTAT® portable Real Time PCR molecular diagnostic testing system will allow individuals with minimal training to conduct accurate real-time diagnostic testing in virtually any location including laboratories, clinics, physician offices, emergency rooms or field settings. Designed with economy in mind, GeneSTAT is inherently less costly than the real time PCR systems typical of clinical laboratories.