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GMD, LLC Announces Enhancement to its GeneSTAT® System

Saint George, UT

January 4, 2013

In its ongoing, continuous improvement program, DxNA is pleased to announce an enhancement to its GeneSTAT® real time molecular diagnostic platform.

“The GeneSTAT® analyzer and cartridge system has met our design requirements for the low throughput infectious disease market, as well as, the requirements and expectations of many users,” says David Taus, CEO. “However, we have developed one enhancement that significantly improves specimen processing time, the use of the GeneSTAT®, and expands diagnostic testing market opportunities. We have focused our resources to incorporate this enhancement to GeneSTAT®, and I am now pleased to announce our success. “

Since this added feature appears to be unique and has the possibility of being applicable to other automated biochemical testing systems, the decision was made to file a patent on the invention.

DxNA is a privately owned molecular diagnostic company located in St. George Utah.It is a molecular diagnostics company that develops and distributes portable, fully-integrated systems and tests for genetic analysis in the medical, agricultural, food safety, and biosecurity markets. The Company’s systems and technologies enable rapid and precise genetic testing to take place on-site by allowing for otherwise complex, manual, laboratory procedures to be performed almost anywhere.