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Influenza A/B Surveillance


Influenza A/B SurveillanceIdentifies and differentiates Influenza A and Influenza B for Influenza Surveillance.

Indicated for use in rural Influenza surveillance programs in the Pacific Rim

Disease Background:  Influenza typically emerges from the Asia / Pacific Rim area.  Surveillance of influenza outbreaks and prevalence is critical to understanding the global influenza risk on an ongoing basis.  As such, countries in the Pacific Rim are looking for testing methodologies and instruments   that can be deployed in rural areas to monitor influenza. In these areas, highly trained technologists are usually not available so easy to use but accurate instruments are required.

Influenza A/B Test:  The Influenza A/B test has been developed to identify and differentiate Influenza A and Influenza B for use in respiratory disease surveillance.  Influenza A would include many of the types of influenza that have emerged in the Far East, such as avian and swine flu.  The assay combined with the GeneSTAT will provide an easy to use testing methodology that can be implemented in rural locations, eliminating the need to send specimens from these areas to a central location to be tested. This will shorten the time to when the surveillance information is available for use in managing outbreaks of influenza.