Mobile and Customizable Laboratory and Testing Rooms
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Mobile and Customizable Laboratory and Testing Rooms

Testing facilities are not always available where and when they are needed. GeneSTAT Molecular Diagnostics (GMD) has the expertise and ability to help our customers solve the problem of where to conduct secure testing that meets regulatory requirements.

Based on use conditions, GeneSTAT can provide a customized, quick-setup testing laboratory with all necessary medical-standard equipment and supplies. There are 3 available package options. Each one will contain everything needed to conduct testing in a safe environment.

  1. Negative-pressure enclosure, appropriate for set-up in a secured room

  2. Secured negative-pressure enclosure, suitable for set-up in an open area, such as an airport terminal

  3. Secured, rigid steel self-contained negative-pressure room, delivered to your location ready to use

We can help identify testing and containment needs. Once requirements are determined, GeneSTAT will develop, design,and conceptualize a package to meet the necessary specifications for the intended testing environment and laboratory protocol.