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Ray Cracauer

Chief of Platform Technology

Ray Cracauer serves as GMD’s Chief of PlatformTechnology. Prior to GMD, Ray served as DxNA’s Chief of Platform Technology. Ray was also the founder and general manager of MTB&G, LLC, a product development consulting firm and has over 40 years of engineering, development and management experience in the medical device, IVD and biotechnology industries. For seven years, he served as Director of Engineering at Axela, a start-up company in the Toronto area. He served as Manager of Engineering for Third Wave Technologies, where he developed three of the most advanced oligonucleotide production facilities in the world. He spent nine years as Managing Partner of Aprodyne, a consulting firm which focused on instrument and process development. Clients included Becton Dickinson, Technicon, Novartis, 3M, Third Wave Technologies, and Dharmacon. Mr. Cracauer holds 25 issued US patents and has numerous patents pending. He attended the University of Minnesota where he studied mechanical engineering.