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Test Cartridge

The novel patented GeneSTAT test cartridge is a single use cartridge that contains all reagents needed along with all of the information required to perform a specific test.  The present cartridge has the capacity for up to four results with 3 analytical targets plus 1 control.  The reagents are lyophilized (freeze dried) in each of the reaction wells providing for reagent stability up to 18 months at ambient storage conditions.  Once the specimen is placed into the cartridge, the cartridge becomes a closed, pressurized system.  This eliminates issues that can arise due to differences in ambient conditions or contamination from PCR products produced in the test process.  All information required by the instrument to run a particular test is contained on an RFID tag located on each cartridge.  The operator only has to press “run” on the instrument or the attached computer after placing the cartridge into the instrument to initiate the specimen transfer to the reaction wells and the PCR reactions. The RFID tag also prevents cartridges from accidentally being reused as the instrument writes back to the tag once a testing run has been completed.