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High Throughput (Legacy 96-well Platforms)

Diagnostic Accuracy at Higher Volumes

For larger institutions or other applications where higher volume testing is needed, GeneSTAT Molecular Diagnostics, LLC (GMD) provides certain tests in its INSPECT.MDx 96-well test kit format for legacy platforms (e.g. ABI 7500 Fast, Roche Light Cycler 480) for high throughput testing. 

GMD’s INSPECT.MDx tests are designed for use on laboratory-based PCR platforms, providing high volume screening / testing of both human and environmental samples.

Legacy System (Roche Light Cycler 480)

  • Open format, lab-based in vitro diagnostic assay platform
  • High-throughput platform allowing for high volume screening / testing of specific infectious disease for differential diagnosis

96-Well Plate

  • Open 96-well plate format
  • Contains all necessary reagents for detection of DNA / RNA targets
  • Screening / testing of up to 96 tests / control per
  • Internal control verifies multiple aspects of test conditions and assay of every sample tested