High Throughput (Legacy 96-well Platforms)
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High Throughput (Legacy 96-well Platforms)

Diagnostic Accuracy at Higher Volumes

For larger institutions or other applications where higher volume testing is needed, Genestat Molecular Diagnostics, LLC (GMD) can provide tests in its DTect™ clinical assay product line in a 96-well test kit format for high throughput testing. 

GMD’s DTect™ 96-well assays are designed for use on laboratory-based PCR platforms, providing high volume screening / testing of both human and environmental samples.

96-Well Plate

  • Open 96-well plate format
  • Contains all necessary reagents for detection of DNA / RNA targets
  • Screening / testing of up to 96 tests / control per
  • Internal control verifies multiple aspects of test conditions and assay of every sample tested